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Cecil County Dragway Run Sheets

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See the following link for run sheets from all Strange Engineering / Cecil County Dragway Outlaw Street Car Shootouts, and also the YellowBullet.Com Nationals!

2019 YellowBullet.Com Nationals Kids Contest

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You’ll always find great heads-up racing at the Nationals, and at Cecil County Dragway… that’s never in question.

What goes on off the track on Sundays at this race is the best example of the family that we’ve all become over the years; and personally, our favorite part of the weekend. It signifies everything that Monty, Maria, David, Jim, Cathy, Dave, and every other person that has a hand in putting this race together stand for. There is no way for us to gather the right amount of words to explain the kindness, generosity, and feeling of family and camraderie displayed during this short few hours of a long weekend.

Monty and Maria hold a contest for the kids – a beanbag toss contest – which give the winners some awesome prizes to go home with. The whole time the contest is going on, the kids get sugared up via a table full of theater-sized candy boxes, and Monty is giving out shirts and other items provided by the generous sponsors and race teams attending the race. Patty and Maria are the official score keepers and keep track of the dozens of kids’ names and final results. They’ve watched the kids grow up over the past decade and move a foot back each year; cheering and encouraging them on the whole time.

Monty and Maria’s trailer comes loaded to the race with toys – not only do the winners of the contest win great prizes, but every kid goes home with something new for the toy chest. They open their checkbook to the local toy stores and bring as many toys as they can possibly fit with them.

This year we ended up with quite a few ties – the kids have definitely been attending some test sessions over the years! It was a close contest but the victors prevailed.

We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did taking them.

Thanks again to
-the Hard racing team for all the shirts
-Salvato Designs for the backpack giveaway
-Fletcher Cox for the autographed jersey
-all of the sponsors that gave cash prizes and made this happen (our apologies for not naming you specifically if we forgot – we mean no disrespect!)

See the photos here:

Cecil County Dragway – Strange Engineering Outlaw Street Car Shootout Sheets/Ladders/Results

We will be posting all of the sheets, ladders, and results from the Cecil County / Strange Engineering Outlaw Street Car Shootout online, as they are available.

You’ll be able to access the sheets from any device – save yourself a trip to the tower while you’re at the track! The link to remember is – that’s “Gone Drag Racing dot Com, forward slash CecilSheets (one word)”

All of the sheets are located here.

2016 YellowBullet.Com Nationals – Qualifying and Elimination Results

We will be posting sheets and ladders at the 2016 nationals as soon as they are available… the same time as they’ll go outside behind the tower

The page is meant to be simple so that you can browse from a mobile phone. No need to battle the crowds and take the trip to the tower to see results and ladders. .. let us do the hard work for you !!! With the exception of Sunday morning during the kid’s contest, we’ll be in the tower posting stuff throughout the race as fast as possible.

Scan this with your phone to navigate to the page

Battle of the States: Outlaw Street Car Reunion III

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The third installment of the Southern Speed Promotions Battle of the States race went down this weekend March 17th – March 20th in Millington Tennessee at Memphis International Raceway. Tyler Crossnoe and Mark Samples always continue working tirelessly like in past years races to make sure the racers and fans are ready to have a great time and watch some of the fastest outlaw drag racing! Tyler Crossnoe handled the duties of prepping the track again! Tyler and his main man Jason Pooch Rueckert work tirelessly whenever they prep a track for radials and Memphis was nothing different. Last year the weather seemed to be an uphill fight all weekend with rain early on in the weekend the on Saturday turning into snow! This year the weather was nice for Friday and Saturday had some intermittent rain. Although the race wasn’t able to be finished Tyler and crew did an amazing job working the track considering what the weather did. For the Outlaw Street Car Reunion III: Battle of the States Tyler Crossnoe decided to add Radial vs The World instead of Pro Drag Radial,with the popularity of this class it was decided to run that rule set for this years race. X275, Limited Drag Radial (which replaced Outlaw 275/Outlaw Drag Radial), Ultra Street, MX 235, and the 6.0 and 7.0 Index were the other classes that were run.

Last year Tyler and the gang at Southern Speed Promotions had Justin Shearer and Shawn Ellington enter Outlaw 275. Justin had a crash on Street Outlaws and decided to build the Crowmod. He ran the car in Radial vs The World at  SGMP and ran some very stout numbers running a best of 4.18 in qualifying. This time around the “Crowmod” ran faster qualifying in the 5th position with a 4.03. The Firebird has the capability to run into the 3 second zone. Hopefully Justin decides to continue running on radials and we see him run that 3 second time.

Race Recap – Radial vs the World

After the hype of SGMP where Keith Berry won over Stevie Jackson for 50K Keith being the nice man he is donated money to AJ Kephart who has battled cancer as a young boy for sometime now. It is awesome of the WOOOO man to help out where he can.

Radial vs the World at Memphis saw a bunch of the same racers but once racer that is new to the radial game Tom Bailey decided to run his Beast Mode 1969 twin turbo Camaro. Bailey ended up qualifying #15 with a 4.242 which is off pace for the class but being the first time out was a good showing. If Bailey decided to continue running his Camaro in RvsW he will definitely be a top contender.

Andrew Alepa has one of the best looking Corvettes out in Radial vs The World. Rob Valden handles the driving duties of this beautiful machine and this is only the second race out with it and he was able to turn the clocks to a 4.06 in qualifying


Qualifying saw a bunch of 3 second qualifiers. Most notable Kyle Huetell running another 3 second pass just like last year when 3’s in the freeze happened! Daniel Pharris ran a 3.94, Dewayne Mills in the Golden Gorilla ran a 3.95 at a blistering 210, and Mark Woodruff in the former Tim Lynch owned vette ran a 3.96.






Eliminations were cut short due to rain but RvsW got down to 8 where Kyle Huetell and Isaac Preston, Justin Shearer and Marty Stinnett, DeWayne Mills and Tim Kinkaid, and Bob Bales and Steven Fereday were due to run. All made runs other than Kyle Huetell and Mark Micke so since they didn’t get to finish the purse was split at the final eight.






X275 still continues to dominate around the country with many tracks running X275 rules or some variation of the John Sears ruleset. The combos in class are always very close and the racing is very exciting to watch.





X275 saw the normal top qualifiers with Rich Bruder taking the top spot with a 4.41, Jared Johnston 4.46, Tyree Smith in the Procharged Chevy II 4.51, Shane Fisher 4.52 and Earl Stanley 4.52. X275 always has great turnouts and this weekend was no different with 34 cars on the qualifying sheet.

Eliminations saw a tough field and what was left before the race had to end were Rich Bruder, Kit Luong, Shane Fisher, Kyle Bruce, Jared Johnston, Michael Roemer, Tyree Smith, and DJ Loiacano. All different combos were ready to do battle.

The competition in X at every big race always brings out the best and Memphis was no different. The combos that were left before the race stopped were a mix of turbos, superchargers, and nitrous. The big suprise was Michael Roemer who normally runs in Ultra came down to test and was able to go a few rounds.


Limited Drag Radial

LDR also as its called was a class that was formed from two other classes that saw some lower car counts. Outlaw Drag Radial and Outlaw 275. By combining these classes car counts have risen. The rules are pretty wide open but racers have to run on either MT Pro 275 Radial (-100 lbs.) – Pro Bracket in 28 or 29×10.5 are prohibited – MT 325/50-MT 315/60 (Pro315 prohibited) – 295/65 or 295/55 DOT Radial tire only.




This class had a great turnout 31 cars out qualifying at the first race for LDR! Combos in this class can range from twin turbos, single turbos, twin superchargers, single superchargers and a hos to different nitrous combos. Another class that appeals to some racers who want to step up from X275 and run with some of the big dogs!




Other than the weather being a factor the racers for the most part kept everything safe and no major delays for oil or damage. During qualifying Joe Wallace had a scare when he was lined up with Steven Fereday as he came off the line and spun around. Luckily he was able to keep it off the wall and just drove down track.


Ultra Street

Ultra Street had 16 cars come out to battle at the Outlaw Streetcar Reunion III and some of the biggest hitters put on a hell of a show for the fans. Ultra Street had a fast field with Butch Kemp in his N/A small block qualifying with a 4.80, Joel Greathouse in his small block procharged Mustang, with a 4.81, Shawn Pevlor in his small block nitrous Mustang with a 4.82, George Toll 4.85, and Alex Hays in his N/A big block a 4.87. As the weather cooled off Butch Kemp ended up running a 4.77! The progression of this class has been amazing and to see all different combos running so close speaks to the rules being so close is amazing! Take a look at the qualifying and ladder sheet to see the rest of the field and how close it was!







MX 235


MX235 is a class based out of the Midwest, most of the rules are based off of Ultra Street with a few variations but one of the main differences is that racers must race a 235 tire. Its crazy to see the likes of Shawn Pevlor, Darren Hilterbran, and Brad Medlock to name a few run in the 4.70’s and 80’s on the small tire!









Be sure to make it out for the 2017 Battle of the States. Each year this event continues to grow so come on out and support some of the top Outlaw cars in the country battle it out at Memphis International Dragway!


The entire gallery of pictures can be found on

Battle of the States: Outlaw Street Car Reunion II

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The second annual Battle of the States race went down this weekend in Memphis Tennessee at Memphis International Raceway. Tyler Crossnoe and Mark Samples worked tirelessly the past few months securing sponsors for this race. Tyler Crossnoe is young man of 23 who is already known for some of the best track prep currently out! Tyler and his main man Jason Pooch Rueckert work tirelessly whenever they prep a track for radials and Memphis was nothing different. The weather seemed to be an uphill fight all weekend with rain early on in the weekend the on Saturday turning into snow! Even with those stacked against the Outlaw Street Car Reunion Tyler Crossnoe continued drying the track and making sure all the heavy hitters in classes like Pro Drag Radial, X275, Outlaw 275, Ultra Street, MX 235 and even the index classes had a safe surface to race on.

This year Tyler and the gang at Southern Speed Promotions asked that Street Outlaws Big Chief Just Shearer and Murder Nova Shawn Ellington come out and race at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion II. If you thought maybe they would be running some exhibition passes you would be wrong! Both racers entered Outlaw 275! The show has definitely not got to there heads as they are some of the nicest guys and were signing autographs for fans and posing individually with everyone that asked for a picture! Both Murder Nova and Big Chief are new to radials as they have been running big tires for a while but in the short amount of time they have come a long ways in each of there respective cars. Murder Nova ran 4.40 in testing and Big Chief was able to get a handle on them as the weekend moved along. Coming from the street as both Murder Nova and Big Chief have been doing on Street Outlaw the tv show the track prep isn’t always as sticky as a Tyler Crossnoe prepped radial track! As you can see Justin Shearer’s wife Alicia Shearer literally losing her shoes and socks to the sticky LC7 traction!

Race Recap

Pro Drag Radial

Jason Michalak 3.979Pro Drag Radial a class that can normally see very low 4 second passes on the Mickey Thompson 315 radials saw 34 cars on the property competing for the 3 second barrier! Notable racers that are right at that 4 second mark were Jason Michalak in the blown Corvette, Brad Edwards in his Team Z Motorsports stock suspension Mustang, Keith Berry in his small block twin turbo Corvette and Chris Daniel in his 02 Firebird who has been making quick progress running quicker every time he brings the car out. Among others vying for the coveted Battle of the States crown this year! Qualifying saw some awesome action as Jason Michalak ran a 3.979 at 194 mph to be the first car in the 3’s in 2015! Although not to be outdone Keith Berry who has been testing like crazy ran a 4.06. A big congratulations to Mark Woodruff who I believe ran his first 4.0 pass in competition with a 4.08! The rest of the field was in the teens and twenties and slower. Check out the qualifying list below.


PDR Qualifying


In eliminations many of the top racers decide to put some soft tuneups to get down the track and move along. This was the case first round when Brad Edwards had Cameron Johnson in the nitrous assisted Mustang formerly owned by Puddin’! Brad’s soft 4.31 took out Cameron’s 4.70. #1 qualifier Jason Michalak had Barry Mitchell first round who is no slouch himself having previously run 4.20’s in his nitrous assisted Outlaw 275 Mustang. Barry ran a very stout 4.38 but when the guy in the other lane runs a 4.07 it is very hard to beat that!

Other notable action in the first round was both Chris Daniel fouling away the win against the #28 qualifier Chad Henderson and Keith Berry striking the tires at the hit to take the loss to Mel Collier. Check out the run sheets below to see the eliminations through the semi finals.

PDRelimination1 PDRelimination2

As finals were called to the lanes in all heads up categories it was decided to cancel the race and all pots would be split. It was a tough choice but the forecast for rain through the rest of night was to much. Missouri and Texas split the Battle of the States pot.


X275 had 69 tech cards filled out for the Battle of the States: Outlaw Street Car Reunion II. John Sears the man who put together X275 a bunch of years back has seen this class continue to grow even as its progressed quicker and quicker each year.

Qualifying saw those 69 cars all trying to get into the 32 car field. Team North racers Rich Bruder and Ron Rhodes were on the top of the qualifying list with Rich Bruder running a 4.46 and Ron Rhodes running a 4.49 to become the first small block nitrous car in x275 to run in the 4.40’s!

rhodes 4.49

Other notables on the qualifying list was Clint Downs in his Procharged F1X Nova run a 4.53, Darren Hilterbran run a 4.56 in his small block ford nitrous Mustang, Jeff Colletta in his BBC Nitrous Mustang run a 4.56, Jared Johnston and Shane Fisher ran 4.57’s out of the KBX camp, Dean Marinis ran a 4.57 in his BBC Nitrous Mustang and Sean Lyon ran a 4.59 to round out the top 10 in qualifying.

X275 Qualifying1 X275 Qualifying2

Eliminations saw defending Battle of the States: Outlaw Street Car Reunion II winner Rich Bruder take on everyone to get to the finals against Kit Luong who qualified #18! Kit is another racer out of the KBX camp. Kit had a tough field to wade through lining against Cameron Johnson first round, Ron Rhodes second round, Eric Stubbe third round and Jared Johnston in the semi finals. Rich Bruder went up against Jon Thomas first round, Shawn Ayers second round, Sean Lyon third round round and Darren Hilterbran in the semi finals. Both racers had a tough field to get to the finals. Although the finals didn’t happen it would have been a great race between the two turbo combos. New Jersey and Oklahoma split the Battle of the States pot.

x275elimination1 x275elimination2

Outlaw 275

Outlaw 275 has been growing by leaps and bounds as this class allows pretty much anything combo wise but it needs to be the Mickey Thompson 275 radial tire. The man they call the most feared man on 275’s is David Pearson or otherwise known as Lil Evil. Pearson has been as quick as 4.11 in testing but he ended up running a 4.12 in Memphis although he ran that in PDR but he was Outlaw 275 legal.


Qualifying in Outlaw 275 saw Tim Kinkaid take the top spot with a 4.19 and #2 Marty Stinnett #2 with a 4.30, Norman Chang ran a 4.31, Alex Shows 4.32 and Barry Mitchell a 4.34.


Outlaw 275 Qualifying1 Outlaw 275 Qualifying2


Eliminations saw Chris Tuten and Marty Stinnett mow through the field to eventually get to the final round.

Outlaw275elimination1 Outlaw275elimination2

IMG_4099Chris Tuten only qualified in the #17 spot as he was basically showing up to Memphis with zero data after making a few changes. As the round went on Chris definitely figured out what the track wanted as he ran a 4.29! Marty Stinnett qualified #2 and basically did what he needed to do each round a ran very consistent to make it to the final round.


Ultra Street

Ultra Street is another class formed by John Sears which was intended as a class for racers to get there feet wet to move up to some of the faster classes. Sometimes though it doesn’t work out that way and in this case it was a good thing as Ultra is rapidly becoming the class everyone has there eyes set on and many heavy hitters build up a car just for this class!

Qualifying only saw 18 cars show up after the early season rule change but don’t be surprised as the season moves along you start to see upwards of 20 at even the smaller races.

In the ever heated debate about power adders in Ultra Street we saw Mark Rogers take a mod motor turbo combo to hold the #1 spot with a 4.89, Butch Kemp in the N/A combo #2 with a 4.92, Joel Greathouse in another turbo combo out the KBX camp #3, Jason McGrane in the #4 spot with his BB combo ran a 5.00 and Kenny Rodrigues ran a 5.02 to round out the top 5. The diversity at the top in qualifying is pretty awesome to see!

Ultra Street Qualifying

IMG_2596In eliminations we saw Butch Kemp in the N/A Mustang run the most consistent to end against Shawn Pevlor who was was seeing double duty racing in Ultra and MX235 only qualified in the #12 spot on Ultra but ran each round and was able to get the chance to run Butch Kemp. This would have been a pretty sweet matchup as Pevlor was very dominant last year and Kemp so far this year has been dominant.


MX 235

IMG_4154MX 235 is a class that is very popular in the Midwest, it was the first time covered here at GDR and I will tell you the times some of these guys are running a 235 tire is insane and we love it! Qualifying saw Pevlor run a 5.00 to hold the number one spot from Danny Tellman’s 5.01, Bryan Dunlaps 5.03, Marcus Wooden 5.04 and Chris Fenn’s 5.07.


In eliminations the only racer to qualify in the top 5 to make it to the semi finals was Danny Tellman although Shawn Pevlor ended up running a 4.92 in the first round to hold the low ET for all of MX 235. The finals would have seen Brian Tuten in his SB Turbo combo and Donnie Branham in his SB Nitrous combo meeting for the chance to win MX 235.




Although none of the final rounds were able to finish out this past weekend at Memphis International Raceway at the Southern Speed Promotions Battle of the States: Outlaw Street Car Reunion II was a killer weekend where we were able to see some crazy weather, beautiful cars and record setting elapsed times! Hats off to Tyler Crossnoe and Mark Samples for all the hard work leading up to and during this event!

Tim Crossnoe Memorial would like to give a special shoutout to Barry Lutz in his beautiful Chevelle who won the Tim Crossnoe Memorial Best Appearing Award. Tim Crossnoe is Tyler’s father who battled cancer and passed away.



Be sure to make it out for the 2016 Battle of the States as if this year was any indication of what to expect then next year will be off the hook!
The entire gallery of pictures can be found on

Fonse Performance / K & S Race Cars Dyno Wars

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The 2nd Annual Fonse Performance/ K&S Race Cars Dyno Wars will take place on January 18th. If you thought last year was big, you haven’t seen anything yet! There is CASH PAYOUTS, free giveaways, food, drinks and live music!!! It’s going to be a day of complete horsepower craziness! Everyone is welcome and invited to join and be apart of Dyno Wars.

See all of the event information at Fonse Racing’s Dyno Wars Facebook Page.

LIVE from Milan Dragway – Ultimate Outlaw Shootout

We are LIVE from the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout at Milan Dragway on Saturday, August 17th 2013.

Visit  for all of the info!

August 3, 2013 – Cecil County Dragway / Finishline Performance Outlaw Street Car Shootout – Recap

Cecil County Dragway is the host to the Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout and we are here at the 5th installment for the 2013 season. With the rain coming and going all day Jim Halsey and the track crew were hard at work all day keeping the track up to par for the racers! Each class ran one qualifier and then went right into eliminations.

Full gallery can be seen here:
2013 Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout Gallery

Cecil 10.5

Mo Hall who has been running very well and qualifying either at the top or very near it at the previous four race took the number 1 spot in Cecil 10.5 this month with a 4.18 at 185, TJ Kasper #2 4.25 at 186, Richard Sexton 4.27 4,27 at 178, Mike Decker Jr 4.33 at 174, Harry Jarvis 4.35 156, Brad Harris 4.38 172, Larry Wood 4.44 175, Daniel Smith Jr 4.63 165, Billy Gordon 4.71 170, Frank Soldridge 4.75 174, Tim Essick 5.00 154, Lou Sciortino 5.06 148, Steven Crisafulli and Tommy Mauro round out the field of 14 by taking the tree so they could be in the field. Each of them had issues getting there respective cars fired so by taking the tree they were able to be in the field.

On a side note Frank Soldridge of PSI Speed Solutions was driving Joe Copson’s beautiful Camaro rebuilt by Victory Racecraft. Expect to see some big numbers from this car in the next few races.

In the finals for Cecil 10.5 it was an all screw blower final with Mike Decker Jr and Richard Sexton lining up in this battle. Mike Decker Jr took home the win with a 4.15 at 186 to go low et for the entire event. Sexton went up in smoke so he just watcher Decker Jr take home his first event win at Cecil County.

Congrats to Mike Decker Jr on his Cecil 10.5 win!



Outlaw Big Tire

Outlaw Big Tire has been a class that previously has had some low car counts but at the August race 11 cars came out with a couple new additions to the class! Jimmy Reutter took the #1 qualifying position with a 4.59 157, TJ Kasper dusted off the old Lincoln to come out and play in OBT and took the #2 qualifying position at 4.65 160, James Houston 4.83 @ 150, Joe Serviss 4.99 @ 142, Marty Brown II 5.17 @ 140, Duane Taylor 5.33 @ 135, Joe Schroeder 6.53 @ 132, John Fisher 5.68 @ 129, Charlie Boy Micallef 7.06 @ 69, Adam Cohen and Tony Myrie both had N/T to round out the field.



The finals saw John Fisher holeshot Joe Schroeder with a 0.076 light to Joe Schroeders 0.516 running a 4.60 @ 167 to Schroeders 4.50 @ 168.

Congrats to John Fisher on his Outlaw Big Tire win!




Outlaw Drag Radial

Outlaw Drag Radial is a class that is fun to watch as you can see nitrous cars, twin turbo cars, big single turbo cars or even twin procharged cars! The blower cars are awesome to hear but hold your ears! Outlaw Drag Radial only saw seven cars doing battle this month at Cecil County Dragway. Qualifying had Dave Valora in his twin turbo Buick sitting number 1 with a 4.75 162, Don Burton in his twin F1R procharger Mustang with a 4.76 173, Derek Samolewicz 5.03 147, Bill Dutka in his OAB Racing tuned 1979 Malibu 5.13 128, Mustang Mike Modeste in his twin F1X Procharged Mustang 5.13 @ 158, Steve Woolley 5.52 @ 157 and Frank Soldridge N/T as he was still fixing the car and took the tree to get on the ladder.

In an all BBF Procharger final we saw Don Burton in his twin Procharger F1R’s take the win with a 4.75 153 over Mustang Mike Modeste twin F1X’s 5.06 @ 159.


Congrats to Don Burton on the Outlaw Drag Radial win at Cecil County Dragway!





275 Drag Radial

275 Drag Radial is one of the classes the fans love to watach as these cars appear stock from the outside but what lies underneath in most setups is 1300 or more horsepower! These cars are insane running on these small tires but they are so fun to watch or even drive! Qualifying saw Ron Rhodes run a 4.72 @ 149, Dean Marinis 4.92 @ 144, Brendan Mills 4.98 @ 150, Tony Mullin 5.10 @ 136, John Ashnault 5.12 @ 144, Vince Palazzolo 5.16 @ 146, Bob Clayton 5.17 @ 129, Darrell Varner 5.17 @ 146, Anthony Dimatteo 5.22 @ 135, Rich Bruder 5.28 @ 131, Chris Ketler 6.14 @ 128, Chris Little 5.91 @ 139, Craig Walls 7.70 @ 60.



The finals saw Rich Bruder in his midframe 88 turbo setup run a 4.73 @ 156 over Dean Marinis 4.90 @ 148. These two cars have met in the finals quite often the last couple years with both taking wins at various events.

Congrats Rich Bruder on the 275 Drag Radial win at Cecil County Dragway.



Ultra Street

Ultra Street is another class just like 275 Drag Radial with a few more limitations to power plants and appearance. Its another fun class to watch the naturally aspirated setups take on the power adder setups. Qualifying saw Todd Geisler 5.16 @ 135, Marc McCloud 5.19 @ 135, John Keesey 5.21 @ 135, Rob Corujo 5.25 @ 135, Jeff Moyer 5.27 @ 135, Craig Cusamano 5.29 @ 133, John Snyder 5.32 @ 133, Mike Barry 5.34 @ 131, Dave Mizell 5.71 @ 124, Scott Rudinsky 5.88 @ 127 and Ed Pfeiffer round out the field with a 6.00 @ 129.

The finals saw another power adder naturally aspirated final round with this time the N/A setup of Marc McCloud running a 5.15 @ 135 to take out John Keesey’s 5.18 @ 136. After the July race John Keesey hurt the upper torque boxes so he was hard at work leading up to this race and it looked like that hard work of putting in the new Wild Rides S-Box worked out great for him!



8.50 Index

8.50 always one of the classes with high car counts saw the ladder filled with 16 cars. Luis Martinez 8.508 @ 157
Charlie Cooper 8.508 @ 160, John Razler Jr 8.53 @ 161, Mike Good 8.61 @ 150, John Flood 8.73 @ 159, Rick Steinke 8.81 @ 156, Rob Poochigan 8.49 @ 158, Robb Puller 8.48 @ 160, Johnny Lightning 8.47 @ 156, Mike Pyott 8.46 @ 160, Delon Pleasants 8.46 @ 165, Brian Ferrari 8.43 @ 159, Alfonse Magliocco 8.42 @ 162, Zach Obert 8.42 @ 162, George Keller 8.30 @ 164, Joe Maddesi broke. Most 8.50 cars put everything in in the first qualifier to see what the track has as you can see most of the field were below the 8.50 max e.t. they are allowed to run.


The finals saw two regulars who are at Cecil with Brian Ferrari taking the win with an 8.53 @ 155 over Mike Pyott’s 8.510 @ 158. Very good race here with Ferrari taking out Pyott’s quicker e.t.

10.0 Index

10.0 Index is just like 8.50 only they cannot go any faster than 10.0 in the quarter mile. Just like previous races Bob Romano has been on a tear and qualified number 1 and went through the field of 18! Bob qualified with a 10.018, Brian Grinnell number 2 with a 10.022, John Warehine number 3 with a 10.037, John Wooden 10.039, Ed Riordan Jr 10.054, Kevin Baker 10.055, John DiSantis 10.061, Michael Copenhaver 10.095, Billy Gibbs 10.100, Keith Reis Jr 10.103, Brad Bowers 10.111, Josh Lion 10.280, Amy Campanara 10.801, Billy Brown 9.984, Tony Shellehamer 9.918, James Joiner Jr 9.906, Brian Correll 9.899 and Brian Diemicke round out the field with a 9.800.

Bob Romano had the #18 qualifier first round and ran a 10.042 to Brandon Diemicke’s 10.1099. Second round saw Bob on a single and he ran a 10.052 on the 10.0 dial. Round three Bob was lined up against Ed Riordan Jr in his 69 Firebird and Ed fouled it away and Bob ran it out with a 9.884.

In round 4 Bob was lined up against Brian Grinnell in his wheelstanding 78 Fairmont. Brian fould away the chance to move on into the finals going -.345 red to Bob’s .051 and running a 9.986.

In the finals we saw the closest race of the day with Bob taking the win over John Warehime with an 0.28 reaction time and a dead on 10.000 against Johns .025 light 10.009.

Congratulations to Bob Romano on yet another 10.0 win at Cecil County Dragway.

11.50 Index

11.50 saw a 16 car field with Roger Bailey taking the #1 qualifying position with an 11.525.

Cliff Sebring the eventual winner this month battled through an always tough field. First round saw Cliff take on John Murphy and pull out the win with a 11.51 to the losing 11.523. Second round saw Cliff up against #1 qualifier Roger Bailey who ran under the 11.50 dial with an 11.461 to Cliff’s 11.561. In the third round Cliff was again lucky to race against someone who went to fast with Jim Schmidt running an 11.498 to Cliff’s 11.536.

In the finals Cliff pulled out a .000 reaction time to tree Morris Spahr and win the 11.50 race this month at Cecil County Dragway with a slower 11.682 to Spahr’s faster 11.584.

Congratulations Cliff Sebring on the 11.50 win!

Even with the many breaks from the rain Jim Halsey and crew made this race finish! Hats off to the hardest working crew and the best monthly race series!

See everyone at the next race which isn’t a points race but its the 4th Annual Yellowbullet race!

May 4, 2013 – Cecil County Dragway / Finishline Performance Outlaw Street Car Shootout – Recap

Cecil County Dragway hosts the Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout each month and the turnout was absolutely a great one in multiple classes this month! The normal classes that run every month 10.5, Outlaw Radial, X275, Ultra, Big Tire, 8.50, 10.0 and 11.50 were all here with the addition of Top Sportsman for the May race. The weather was beautiful although during the day track temps reached 115 degrees so many of the racers had some trouble getting down the track so it was a tuners race for sure! As usual Cecil County has a test session on the Friday before the race and some impressive runs were made. Craig Pio an Outlaw 10.5 regular who has ran very well last year had an accident up top end and ended up taking out part of the tower lane scoreboard and the motor laying in the return road. Craig is bruised and the car most probably will be a loss but the good news is that the cage work by Montana Brothers Race Cars did its job and saved his life! Everyone here at wishes Craig Pio a speedy recovery and hope to see you out again real soon! Get well Craig!

Be sure to check out the full gallery of the May 2013 Cecil County Outlaw Streetcar Shootout

Now the action in all of the classes was great with some new winners taking home the wins!

Outlaw 10.5

Outlaw 10.5 which has some of biggest heavy hitters in the country that race regularly right here at Cecil County Dragway were all on the grounds trying to take home the win this race as well as lower the records! In a class that is dominated by twin turbo big blocks two nitrous racers Charlie Dolbin of Caldwell Motorsports and Mo Hall of Mo Hall Motorsports were #1 and #2 on the qualifying ladder with Dolbin laying down a 4.205 and Hall right behind him with a 4.208! T.J. Kasper followed in the #3 spot with a 4.286, Larry Wood who had an accident at the Yellowbullet race and had Victory Racecraft rebuild his gorgeous 10.5 Corvette was back in action and qualified with a 4.343 to hold the #4 spot, Dale Collins Jr was out in Buck Jarvis Camaro and held the #5 spot on the ladder with a 4.383. Mike Decker Jr  of Decker Salvage who just two weeks before had a fire at Maryland International Raceway fixed his Camaro and ran a 4.478, Steven Crisafulli was piloting Tommy Ferricks beautiful 10.5 S10 held the #7 spot with a 4.492, Mike Reynols had his Mean blown combo out and was able to get down the track running a 4.545, Anthony DiSomma in the DiSomma Racing Engines Punisher Camaro was next with a 4.565 to qualify #9. Steven Kluepfel who has the blown fox body and although not the fastest at Cecil he tends to get down the track more than not ran a 4.583 to qualify #10. John Cheman another blower car was #11 with a 4.583, Twin Turbo Tom Kasper of Kasper’s Korner was #12 with a 4.608, David Hance of New York Motorsports who recently sold his Twin Turbo Mustang to Mark Wells was qualified #13 with a 4.720, Richard Sexton another blower combo qualified #14 at 4.782, Adam Smith in his 68 Barracude held the #15 spot on the ladder with a 4.870 and someone who we don’t usually see at the bottom of the ladder Billy Gordon who ran very well at Cecil County Dragway last year ran a 5.079 to hold the #16 spot on the ladder. Outlaw 10.5 saw 23 cars on the grounds doing battle! That number is very nice to see as 10.5 is one of the baddest classes in the county right now!

1st Round

First round was exciting right off the bat with Mo Hall in his Big Nitrous motor running a 4.120 to take out Adam Smith who was dead late on the tree running a 4.432, Two turbo cars were up with Larry Wood taking down David Hance with a 4.321 to a slowing 4.927. Team Punisher Anthony DiSomma was up next against Mike Reynolds and DiSomma takes the win with Reynolds leaving before the tree came down. Caldwell Motorsports Charlie Dolbin was up next against Billy Gordon and both cars had some problems with Dolbin coasting to a 4.613 to take the win over Gordon’s 5.848, Steven Crisafulli and Steven Kluepfel were the next pair and Crisafulli takes the win with a 4.439 over a red lighting Kluepfel. Mike Decker and John Cheman two bad blower cars and Decker takes the win with a 5.147 over Cheman who broke a blower belt and lost the throttle linkage. T.J. Kasper and Richard Sexton two of the premier racers in 10.5 did battle with a fairly close race with Kasper taking the win with a 4.258 over Sexton’s 4.279. The last pair down the track for round 1 was Dale Collins Jr and Tom Kasper. Kasper’s car shut off as the tree fell so Collins Jr takes the win with a 4.755.

2nd Round

Second round Mo Hall was up against Steven Crisafulli. Crisafulli went up in smoke and Mo Hall takes the win with a 4.131 to backup his previous 4.12 and now Mo Hall holds the top nitrous 10.5 car! Larry Wood and Dale Collins Jr next up with Wood taking the win although Collins hit the tree with a .018 light but Larry Wood gets around him with a 4.248 to a 4.325. T.J. Kasper and Mike Decker in a battle of twin turbo versus blower cars saw Kasper run a 4.201 to take the easy win of Decker running a 4.791. Charlie Dolbin had a bye run as Anthony DiSomma couldn’t make the call so he just took the tree to move on to the semis.

3rd Round
In the semis T.J. Kasper was up against Mo Hall and like the April race where Mo Hall had a nitrous hiccup he does the same and Kasper takes the win with another 4.201. Larry Wood had a bye into the finals as Charlie Dolbin couldn’t make the call.


The finals saw Larry Wood and T.J. Kasper. Corvette versus Mustang! Very close in the finals here at Cecil an although the ET’s were nothing spectacular it was a very close being .0079 at the finishline. In his first race back after the rebuild Larry Wood and Ron Schlessinger take the win with a 4.393 to Kasper’s quicker 4.371. Wood had him on the tree to take the win!

Congratulations to Larry Wood on the win at the Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!!

Outlaw Big Tire

Outlaw Big Tire didn’t see a lot of racers but the racers who were on the grounds this month were running very well. Joe Schroder in his 69 Camaro who is a regular here at Cecil took the top qualifier with a 4.402, John Schroeder in his nitrous 2002 Camaro qualified #2 with a 4.490, Tony Myrie sat #3 with a 4.720, James Houston #4 with a 5.009 and Kevin Ashley in his Procharged El Camino was #5 with a 5.030.

Round 1

John Schroeder and Kevin Ashley were the first pair up with Ashley losing traction so Schroeder takes the win with a 4.470 to Ashley’s 4.990, Tony Myrie and James Houston were next up with Houston dead late with a .464 light to Myrie’s .124 light so Myrie takes the win with a 5.187 to Houston’s 4.871. Joe Schroeder has a bye and runs a 4.481 and although he didn’t back up his previous run for a record he went straight down the track.

Round 2

Smokin Joe Schroeder and Tony Myrie were up for a chance to get into the Outlaw Big Tire finals. Myrie did what he could and tree’d Smokin Joe but Schroeder reeled him in running a 4.461 to Myrie’s 4.950. John Schroeder had a bye so he just took the tree to meet Smokin Joe in the finals.


In the finals we saw two Schroeder’s, two Camaros do battle for the Outlaw big Tire win with the Scotty’s Racing Technology Nitrous Camaro of John Schroeder take the win over the blower Camaro of Joe Schroeder running a 4.428 to a 4.866.

Congratulations to John Schroeder on the win in Outlaw Big Tire at the Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!

Outlaw Drag Radial

Outlaw Drag Radial is a fun class to watch! The amount of power these fella’s are putting down on the 315 Drag Radial is insane!!! In qualifying we saw Frank Soldridge of PSI Motorsports take the top qualifying spot with a 4.42, Scotty G of Scotty’s Racing Technology take the #2 spot with a 4.64, Bill Dutka of the OAB Racing tuned Malibu sat #3 with a 4.77,
Marcus Thompson who has a wild paint job on his single 118 mm turbo Mustang #4 with a 5.2, Joe Dedona a newcomer to Cecil in his Procharged Corvette #5 with a 5.24 and Mustang Mike Modeste who has his twin Procharger F1X Mustang sitting #6 with a 5.50. Mustang Mike has been struggling with the twin Prochargers but is slowly getting the car to run better and better.

Round 1

In the first round Bill Dutka and Marcus Thompson were up with the OAB Racing Malibu take the win with a 4.70 at 175 over Thompson’s slowing 5.522 at 135. Scotty G and Joe Dedona met in the first round with Scotty G taking the win over Dedona with a 4.548. Dedona couldn’t keep the car running after his burnout. Hope to see Joe out next month at Cecil! The last pair up in the first round was Mustang Mike and Frank Soldridge. Huge upset here as Mustang Mike takes the win with a 4.732 over Soldridge’s 5.112. Congrats to Mustang Mike as I believe this is the first pass down the 1/8th even though it wasn’t the cleanest run.

Round 2

In the semis Scotty G and Bill Dutka met up and Dutka’s Malibu wouldn’t make any boost so Scotty G takes the win stepping up again with a 4.459, Mustang Mike had a single here and the twin F1X Procharged Mustang steps up and runs a 4.447!


The finals saw two racers that have been racing that have been around for quite a while and have many wins combined! Although the finals was nothing spectacular with Modeste going red and Scotty G clicking it off with a 5.151 over Modeste’s 5.428. Congratulations to Scotty Guadagno on the Outlaw Drag Radial win at the Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout! Also Congratulations to Mustang Mike for figuring out the twin procharged car!

275 Drag Radial

The hotbed class for the last few years! Rules seem to always be an issue but we still saw 14 cars out at Cecil County for the Outlaw Streetcar Shootout! The one power adder combo that seems to be at a disadvantage is the blower car but we haven’t seen many out this year yet to see everything stands. The drivers met in the staging lanes before the race with the F1R blower cars now getting some weight taken off and allowed to race at 3100. The hope is to be able to pull the combos in the class tighter together. A full spreadsheet is available from all the races under the 2013 X275 rules with the combos fairly close with the Quick 8 average of all combos being a 4.722. The fastest Quick 8 combo is the turbo with a 4.644, Big Block right behind with a 4.665, SB Nitrous follows with an average of 4.762 and blower cars at a 4.822. With the weight adjustment we shall see if the blower cars come out and show what they can run.

Qualifying saw 14 cars with Mean Dean Marinis in his Big Block Nitrous Mustang take the top spot with a 4.689, Chris Little in his SB Turbo combo right behind with a 4.703, Ron Rhodes #3 in his SB Nitrous with a 4.713, John Ashnault in his turbo combo #4 with a 4.862, Rich Bruder now running a turbo after dominating the 2012 season with his procharger run 4.941 to sit #5 on the ladder, Ronnie Diaz who runs a Mod Motor with an F1X Procharger #6 with a 4.972, Chris Evans #7 with a 4.996, Brendan Mills, #8 with a 5.150, Anthony Dimatteo 5.221 to sit #9, Shawn Strauss #10 with a 5.255, Darrell Varner who last month put his 85 Camaro on the bumper sits #11 5.289, Mike Boccella of Boccella’s Performance #12 with a 5.564, Vince Palazzolo #13 running a 5.742 and Mike Cerminaro round out the field with a 5.867. Many of the X275 cars were having trouble in qualifying due to the 115 degree track temperature.

Round 1

First round for X275 was pretty exciting with many cars running better now that the track cooled off some. Chris Evans and Brendan Mills in a battle of blower versus turbo sees Evans cut the tree down with a .005 reaction time and a 4.744 over Mills 4.871. Ronnie Diaz and Anthony Dimatteo up next with Diaz taking the win with a 4.848 to a 5.182. Ron Rhodes owner of Rhodes Custom Auto runs a 4.686
over Boccella who runs quicker than his qualifiers but couldn’t keep up with the SB Nitrous Camaro. Chris Little and Vince Palazzolo in a battle of turbos sees Little step up with a 4.693 to a 4.957, Rich Bruder, Dean Marinis and John Ashnault all had a singles due to breakage. Bruder steps up and shows the power with a 4.655, Dean Marinis runs a 4.760 and John Ashnault runs a 4.793 which is his fastest pass to date!

Round 2

Round 2 saw Chris Evans who hit the tree hard in the first round try to hit the tree again against Chris Little but he he hit it a little too hard. Both Little and Evans red lit but Little only going -.004 red and take the win with a 4.703. Little has been very consistent that last few races. In a battle of Ron’s Ronnie Diaz in the F1X Procharged Mod Motor takes the upset win treeing Ron Rhodes with an .073 light over a sleepy .370 light. Both cars run 4.78 but this race was won at the tree. Rich Bruder and John Ashnault were up next in the turbo combos with Bruder taking the win with a 4.676 over Ashnault who wheelies hard and has to pull over. Dean Marinis with a single shows everyone how its done and goes 4.599 to move on to the semis!

Round 3

In the semis we had Procharged Ronnie Diaz and the Large Frame 88 of Chris Little and Big Block Nitrous Dean Marinis battling Rich Bruder’s Mid Frame 88 turbo. Both number 1 and 2 on the qualifying ladder move on with Little taking the win light with a 4.722 and Marinis running another .50 with a 4.592.


The finals saw the two baddest racers in X right now with Dean Marinis running a 4.629 to take the win over Chris Little who seemed down on MPH with a 4.682 at 150.

Congrats to Mean Dean Marinis on his win at at the Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!

Ultra 275

Ultra 275 in its second year at Cecil County had a great showing at the May Cecil County Outlaw Streetcar Shootout. This class is aimed at the beginner heads up world of racing! In a class dominated last year by the N/A Mafia of the likes of Marc McCloud and Mike Barry has the power adder combos out to show the power adder combos are a strong choice when entering the world of heads up Outlaw style of racing. Ultra saw 18 cars show up to qualify for the 16 car field. John Keesey offered up some Junior Johnson Moonshine to the #16 qualifier if Ultra had a full ladder so Darin Cusamano walked away with that and #9 Samir Faqih received a $25 American Express gift card.

Qualifying again was difficult like the other radial classes with the high track temps during the day. We saw the N/A combo of John Snyder in his beautiful 1965 Pontiac GTO run a 5.111, Jeff Kinsler another Pontiac out for the first time this year adding nitrous to his combo as he has been a N/A racer previously run a 5.212, John Keesey qualified #3 with his turbo combo with a 5.253, Mark Dill #4 with his nitrous fed small block ford run 5.368, #5 saw Ed Pfeiffer run a 5.437. Ed who has been working with John Bewley of Lil John’s Motorsport Solutions change his entire combo over the winter with the hopes he would be a major player in Ultra 275 this year. This was Ed’s best qualifying spot since his entrance into Ultra. Chris Little who was doing double duty in X275 and Ultra 275 sat #6 with a 5.448, Jon Langer in his popular wheelstanding 69 Pontiac was #7 with a 5.455, Mike Barry another N/A Mafia member as well as Chief Ultra Man qualified #8 with a 5.476, Samir Faqih #9 5.548, Scott Bitzer in the OAB Racing tuned F1C blower qualified #10 at 5.563, Scott Rudinsky followed at #11 with a 5.709,

Jonathan Joseph who was putting the car on the bumper just about every pass qualified #12 with a 5.853, Bill Cole #13 at 6.030, Paul Burchill #14 6.036, Marc McClound qualified unusually low with a 6.072, and Darin Cusamano round out the 16 car field with a 6.211.

Round 1

The first pair up we saw Marc McCloud take on Jeff Kinsler. Kinsler was very late on the tree and although he ran quicker than McCloud he could get past him with McCloud going .063 5.244 to .538 5.175. Mark Dill and Bill Cole were the next pair up with Dill again taking the win with a holeshot going .109 5.375 to Cole’s .403 5.359. Scott Bitzer takes down John Langer with a .072 5.510 to Langer’s .155 5.798. Jonathan Joseph whose bumper saw a lot of action today tames it down but couldn’t run the number with Ed Pfeiffer winning with a 5.763 to a slowing 6.094. John Keesey and Paul Burchill were next up with Keesey improving with a 5.204 taking the win over Burchill’s 5.311. John Snyder the #1 qualifier improves and goes 5.094 over Darin Cusamano’s 6.237. Chris Little faced off against Scott Rudinsky with Little taking the round 1 win with a 5.283 to Scott’s 5.773. Mike Barry had a bye first round and runs a stout 5.234.

Round 2

Round 2 saw Marc McCloud show the N/A car’s are still top dogs in Ultra running a 5.069 taking down Scott Bitzer who has a nice pass of 5.189 but just not enough to take down Marc. Ed Pfeiffer and Mark Dill who are teammates and pit together all the time at Cecil sees Ed run a career best pass with a 5.281
to Dill’s 5.344. Pfeiffer who missed the 2nd qualifier and then blew his intake tubing due to a meth explosion worked his tail off with his teammates to make the call and move on to the semis. In a battle of N/A cars John Snyder takes down Mike Barry running a 5.110 to Barry’s 5.173. John Keesey and Chris Little were the next pair up with Keesey with Keesey carrying the wheels out and taking out Little with a 5.152 to Little’s 5.256.

Round 3

In the semis we saw two N/A cars and two turbo cars with John Keesey lined up against Marc McCloud and John Snyder against Ed Pfeiffer. Keesey takes the win over McCloud with a 5.117

as McCloud was dead late and falling off from his previous runs with a 5.322. Ed Pfeiffer who was having a great time going rounds tried to hit the tree hard and was a little to quick going red with a -.008 red light to hand Snyder the win who runs a 5.062.


In a battle of the Power Adder and N/A combos we saw John Snyder who has been hard to beat all day running consistently in the low teens on 0’s all day. John Keesey leaves first with a .042 light to Snyders .074 and takes the holeshot win running another 5.117 as he did in the semis to take the first power adder win!

Congratulations to John Keesey and team on the first power adder win at the Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!

8.50 Index

8.50 Index the ever popular class with consistent wheels up launches saw 17 cars this month with Al Davidowski last months winnder taking the #1 qualifying position on the ladde going dead on 8.500. Joe Albrecht right being with an 8.508, Luis Martinez 8.512,

Mike Good 8.514, George Keller 8.524, Joe Maddesi 8.526, Michael Ziccardi 8.563, Delon Pleasants 8.573, John Flood 8.594, Mark Bowen 8.599, Brent Beachley 8.601, Mike Pyott 8.630, Zach Obert 8.631, Robb Puller 8.653, Rob Poochigan 8.662 and rounding out the field had Rick Steinke the every popular race who goes by the nickname Honk if Parts Fall off running a 10.005.

Zach Obert came from the bottom of the field to take out Mike Good, Mike Pyott, Al Davidowski, and Joe Albrecht to take the win in 8.50 Index. Zach continually improved his reaction times to where he went .009 8.519 in the finals to take out Joe Albrecht to quick 8.485.

Congrats to Zach on the 8.50 Index win this month at the Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!

10.0 Index

10.0 Index saw 19 cars this month at Cecil with everyone fairly close in qualifying. Keith Reis Jr took the top spot with a 10.010 in his 69 Buick. The field like most months is full with everyone trying to get as close as they can the that 10.00 run.

Bob Romano in his 95 Chevy Truck went the rounds taking out Mo Bolduc, Harry Lutz, Tom Wooden and Brian Correll in the finals running a 10.009 for the win!

Congrats to Bob on the win this month at the Cecil County Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!

11.50 Index

11.50 Index another class that is trying to run as close to the 11.50 number as possible saw  Steve Gurnick run a 11.501 in his 85 Mustang. Cliff Sebring was the man today qualifying #2 on the ladder in 11.50 and going rounds eventually taking the win over Roger Bailey with Bailey going a little to quick with an 11.499 so Sebring take home the 11.50 win with his 11.557.

Congratulations Cliff Sebring on the win this month at the Finishline Performance Outlaw Streetcar Shootout!

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